MyWay Pro - Terms of Use

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for the IOS-App MyWay Pro.


The “MyWay Pro” app was developed to help blind and visually impaired people get directions and find their way in public places. The data used for this purpose come from third parties or are user-generated. The Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SBV) assumes no responsibility for the validity, accuracy or completeness of the information and data provided in the “MyWay Pro” app.

By installing and using the “MyWay Pro” app, you agree to SBV’s terms of use. Any liability claims against SBV which refer to material or immaterial damage caused by using or not using the information provided and/or by using incorrect or incomplete content are expressly excluded. This applies as long as there is no evidence of deliberate or gross negligence on the part of SBV. All services are non-binding. SBV expressly reserves the right to change, supplement, delete or temporarily or permanently cease publication of parts of the app or the entire service without further notice.


Privacy Policy

No personal data are collected or passed on to third parties during installation or use of “MyWay Pro”. SBV has no influence regarding the completeness or accuracy of the map data used or other data sources; therefore, users should not rely solely on this app for navigation. In addition, the strength and accuracy of the GPS signal can vary greatly, depending on the weather, shade, etc. Using GPS in the background can significantly shorten the battery life of your smartphone. “MyWay Pro” uses the following data sources: OpenStreetMap, Apple Maps and “MyWay Pro” is not a replacement for a white cane or a guide dog! The app must not be used with peripheral devices that impair the acoustic perception of the environment!


Terms of Use In App Purchase

  • MyWay Pro offers three In App Purchases: "MyWay Pro Lifetime Purchase", "MyWay Pro subscription 1 month" and "MyWay Pro subscription 1 year"
  • The three In-App-Purchases offers the same service, but with different durations
  • "MyWay Pro subscription 1 month": When the user buys this in-app-purchase he can use "MyWay Pro" in full Version for one month. The Subscriptions renews automatically every month. When "MyWay Pro subscription 1 month" was purchased the user can upgrade to "MyWay Pro subscription 1 year"
  • "MyWay Pro subscription 1 year" is an Auto-Renewable In-App-Purchase. When the user buys this in-app-purchase he can use "MyWay Pro" in full Version for one year. The Subscriptions renews automatically every year. When "MyWay Pro subscription 1 year" was purchased the user can downgrade to "MyWay Pro subscription 1 month".
  • "MyWay Pro IAP Lifetime" is a non-consumable In-App-Purchase. When the user buys this In-App-Purchase he can use "MyWay Pro" in full Version for lifetime, without having to renew a Subscription every month / year.
  • Costs (18th June 2020)
    • MyWay Pro subscription 1 month: 1 CHF / 0.99 Dollar /Free for the first Month(Introductory Offer)
    • MyWay Pro subscription 1 year: 10 CHF / 9.49 Dollar /Free for the first Month (Introductory Offer)
    • MyWay Pro IAP Lifetime: 30 CHF / 30.99 Dollar
  • When no In-App-Purchases are purchased, the tabs "Home", "Navigation" and "Settings" are disabled
  • All the "MyWay Pro" In-App-Purchases are displayed to the User in the Info-Tab/Subscriptions
  • Users can Buy each In-App-Purchase by clicking the "Buy"-Button in the Info-Tab/Subscriptions.
  • Users can Restore their Purchases by clicking the "Restore" Button in the Info-Tab/Subscriptions
  • A purchased Product is displayed to the user with a checkmark
  • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
  • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period